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Song List (Text)

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Abdullah - Elmo Hope
Afrodisia - Kenny Dorham
Afternoon In A Doghouse - Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis
All Because Of You (vocal)- Rob Bargad
Almost Everything -Don Friedman
Alone Again (vocal) - J.R. Monterose
Alone With Just My Dreams (vocal) - George Duvivier
Alycia - Charles Fambrough
And Time Marches On - Freddie Redd
Another World - Rob Bargad
April Morning - Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Arioso - James Williams


B's A-Plenty - Elmo Hope
B.G.'s Groove Two - Bennie Green
Babes In McCoyland - Geoffrey Keezer
Baby, I'm Coming Home (vocal) - Chuck Wayne
Back In The Cage - Art Farmer
Ballad For The Children - Roy Hargrove
Basheer's Dream - Gigi Gryce
Bass-ment - Kenny Drew
Beauty Within - James Williams
Bebop Irishman - Ray Bryant
Bee Tee's Minor Plea - Booker Little
A Being Such As You (vocal) - Walter Davis, Jr.
Bel Aire - Ray Bryant
Bellarosa - Elmo Hope & Sonny Rollins
Benji's Bounce - Dexter Gordon
Bet - Doug Watkins
Between The 4th And 5th Step - Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Bevan's Birthday - Tadd Dameron
Big Brown Eyes (vocal) - Tommy Turrentine & L. Aziza Miller
Big Red - Tommy Turrentine
Biru Kirusai - Jim Rotondi & Eric Alexander
Blame It All On Spring (vocal) - Meredith d'Ambrosio
Blue Bossa - Kenny Dorham
Blue China - Bob Brookmeyer
Blue Concept - Gigi Gryce
Blue Lights - Gigi Gryce
Blue Wail - Kenny Drew
Blues Plus Eight - Eddie Costa
Blues Walk - Clifford Brown
Bob T's Blues - Julian Priester
Bobbie Pin - J.R. Monterose
Bonnie - Tommy Turrentine
Book's Bok - Bertha Hope
Booker's Waltz - Booker Little
Bootin' It - Sonny Clark
Boppin' A Riff - Sonny Stitt
Boss Bossa - Hank Mobley
Boxer's Blues - Gigi Gryce
The Break Through - Hank Mobley
The Breakdown - Hank Mobley


Capers - Tom McIntosh
Capri - Gigi Gryce
Carl's Blues - Carl Perkins
Carvin' The Rock - Elmo Hope & Sonny Rollins
Casino - Gigi Gryce
C.F.D. - Jack Wilson
Changes In Boogie Woogie - Albert Ammons
The Changing Scene - Hank Mobley
Chicken An' Dumplins - Ray Bryant
Chips - Elmo Hope
Chuck's Groove - Bill Pierce
Cleo's Blues - Paul Gonsalves
Clubhouse - Dexter Gordon
Commutation - J.J. Johnson
Compulsion - Harold Land
Congo Lament - Bennie Green
The Court - Curtis Fuller
Cranky Spanky - Bill Hardman
Crazy - Elmo Hope
The Crossing (vocal) - Sheila Jordan
Cuban Fantasy - Ray Bryant
Cubano Chant - Ray Bryant
Cup Bearers - Tom McIntosh
Cyclops - Grant Stewart


Daahoud [trumpet solos only] - Clifford Brown
Dancin' Like We Did Before (vocal) - Johnny Griffin & Judy Niemack
Danielle - Al Cohn
Dannielle's Waltz - Steve Nelson
Dark Beauty - Kenny Drew
Dark Days - Robert Watson
The Day After - Tom McIntosh
De Critifeux - Jack Wilson
De-Dah - Elmo Hope
Deciphering The Message [tenor sax solo only] - Hank Mobley
Dedication - Kenny Drew, Jr.
Dhyana - Tina Brooks
Dig Dis - Hank Mobley
Do You Feel What I Feel? (vocal) - Rachel Gould
Donnellon Square - Kenny Drew
Don't Cry, Just Sigh - Hank Mobley
Dorian - Ronnie Mathews
Dorothy - Donald Brown
Dotty's Dream - Harold Vick
Doug's Minor Bo'k - Doug Watkins
The Dream Is You - Tadd Dameron
Dream Traveler - Roy Hargrove
Dubai - Billy Drummond


18th Century Ballroom - Ray Bryant
Early Bird - Carl Perkins
Ease It - Paul Chambers
East Of The Village - Hank Mobley
Easy Does It - Bobby Timmons
Empty Room (vocal) - Fritz Pauer & Mark Murphy
The End - Julian Priester
Enigma - J.J. Johnson
Eros (vocal) - Julian Priester & Judy Niemack
The Eternal Triangle - Sonny Stitt (Drum Transcription only)


400 Years Ago Tomorrow - Walter Davis, Jr.
Fantasy For Two (vocal) - Ray Bryant & Tina May
The Feelin's Good - Hank Mobley
Fifteenth Round - Valery Ponomarev
A Fifth For Frank - Gerald Wiggins
Filide - Ray Draper
Fire One - Carl Perkins
Flamands - Don Friedman
Flute Bob - Bobby Jaspar
Focus - James Williams
For Wes - Steve Nelson
Fox Hunt - Bill Barron
Fred's Delight - Tadd Dameron
Freffie - Elmo Hope
Fuguetta - Kenny Drew
The Fuzz - Bobby Jaspar


Garden In The Sand (vocal) - Hank Mobley & Bebe Herring
Gayle's Groove - Mickey Bass
Gerkin For Perkin - Clifford Brown
Get In The Basement - Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Gettin' And Jettin' - Hank Mobley
Git-Go Blues - Hank Mobley
Glad Lad - Leo Parker
Gone But Not Forgotten - Tommy Turrentine
Gone To See T - Bertha Hope
Good Humors - Norman Simmons
Good Old Soul - Tina Brooks
Got To Take Another Chance - Philly Joe Jones
Grand Valse - Booker Little
Greasin' Easy - Hank Mobley
Gypsy Blue - Tina Brooks


Half and Half -Richard Wyands
Hank's Other Soul - Hank Mobley
Hank's Tune - Hank Mobley
Hanky Panky - Dexter Gordon
Happy Hour - Elmo Hope
Harbor Freeway 5 P.M. - Jack Wilson
Haunted Melody - Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Have You Noticed? (vocal) - Meredith d'Ambrosio
Heleen - Joe Gordon
Hello - Gigi Gryce
Here - Matthew Gee
Here's That Mann - Eddie Costa
He's A Man (vocal) - Curtis Fuller & Judy Niemack
High And Flighty - Hank Mobley
High Modes - Hank Mobley
High Step - Barry Harris
Hipsippy Blues - Hank Mobley
Horizon Reassembled - Robert Watson
Hot Sausage - Jodie Christian
Hymn Of The Orient - Gigi Gryce


I Don't Care -Ray Bryant
I Found The Turnaround (vocal) - Hank Mobley & Chris Caswell
Ichi Ban - Ronnie Mathews
If You Believe (vocal) - Ray Bryant & Tina May
If You Could Love Me (vocal) - Norman Simmons
I'll Blame It On The Samba (vocal) - Ray Bryant & Tina May
In A Meditating Mood - Gigi Gryce
In The Glow Of The Moon (vocal) - Dena DeRose & Meredith d'Ambrosio
Infant's Song - Gigi Gryce
Interpretation - Bill Barron
It's No Time To Be Blue (vocal) - Kenny Dorham, Kenny Burrell, Larry Jackstein
Ittapnna - Walter Bolden


Jackleg - Jack Wilson
Jean- Marie - Ronnie Mathews
Joao - Tommy Turrentine
Jo-B - Bill Hardman
Jodi - Dexter Gordon
Joe's Debut - Philly Joe Jones
Joe's Delight - Philly Joe Jones
Joy Ride - Bobby Timmons
Joy Spring [trumpet solos only] - Clifford Brown
Julia - Julian Priester
Juliano - Julian Priester
Jungle Strut - Gene Ammons
Just A Little Boy (vocal) - Sergio Mihanovich
Just Plain Talkin' - Tadd Dameron
Just Waiting - Melba Liston


K.D.'s Motion - Kenny Dorham
Ka-Link - Philly Joe Jones
Kirk's New Delight - Steve Nelson


La Mesha - Kenny Dorham
La Villa - Kenny Dorham
Lament for Love - Ronnie Mathews
Landslide - Harold Land
Late Show [tenor sax solo only] - Hank Mobley
Later For You - Elmo Hope
Le Coiffeur - Dexter Gordon
Lemoncello - Robert Watson
Let's Get Down - Ronnie Mathews
A Light Groove - Gerald Wiggins
Like A Butterfly (vocal) - Ronnie Mathews & Judy Niemack
Line Up - Paul Gonsalves
Listen To Mister Jones (vocal) - Philly Joe Jones & Rachel Gould
Lite- Flite - Kenny Drew
A Little Busy - Bobby Timmons
Little J.J. - Rob Bargad
Little Tenderfoot - Eli "Lucky" Thompson
Lonely Man (vocal) - Ray Bryant & Tina May
Lookin' East - Hank Mobley
Loose Suite - Ronnie Mathews
Los Milagros Pequenos - Norman Simmons
Love And Deception (vocal) - Sergio Mihanovich
The Love We Had Yesterday (vocal) - Pamela Baskin-Watson
Low Tide - Elmo Hope


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Madame Queen - Gene Ammons
Maybe So - Elmo Hope
McSplivens - Dexter Gordon
Means Of Identification - Valery Ponomarev
Meant To Be! (vocal) - Ray Bryant & Fleurine
Melancholy - Meade Lux Lewis
Melodious Funk (vocal) - Meredith d'Ambrosio
Melody Express - Gigi Gryce
Merry-Go-Round - Jonny King
Mia - Carl Perkins
Midnight Blue - Kenny Burrell
Minor Ballade - Don Friedman
Minor Bertha - Elmo Hope
Minor Mode - Bill Barron
Minor Mode - Booker Little
Minor Reflections - Lonnie Hillyer
Minor Scene - Gene Roland
Minor Sweet - Booker Little
Minor Trouble - Ray Bryant
Minority - Gigi Gryce
Miracle Of Spring (vocal) - Meredith d'Ambrosio
Mirage - Valery Ponomarev
Miss Hazel - Tina Brooks
Mission - Steve Davis
Mr. Day's Dream - James Williams
Mr. L - Curtis Fuller
Mo Is On - Elmo Hope
The Moment You've All Been Waiting For - Donald Brown
Mood Malody - Mal Waldron
The Mountaings - Roy Hargrove
Mox-Nix - Art Farmer [tpt solos only]
My Delight - Rahsaan Roland Kirk
My Groove, Your Move - Hank Mobley
My Magic Ring (vocal) - Rachel Gould
My Main Man - Jeanfrancois Prins
Myles - Bill Pierce


N R #1 - Lucky Thompson
N R #2 - Lucky Thompson
Nelson Avenue Morning - Kenny Drew, Jr.
News For Lulu - Sonny Clark
Nica's Tempo - Gigi Gryce
Night At Tony's - Gigi Gryce
Night Bird - Al Cohn & Kitty Malone
Night Flight - Harold Vick
A Night In Barcelona - Harold Land
Night Watch - Hank Mobley
No More Fire (vocal) - Rachel Gould
No More Hanky-Panky (vocal) - Dexter Gordon & Tina May
No Room For Squares - Hank Mobley
Norman's Blues - Sonny Stitt
November Afternoon - Tom McIntosh [tpt solo only]


Ode To An Earth Girl - Bill Barron
Old Ballad - Kenny Wheeler
Old World, New Imports - Hank Mobley
Once There Was - Lucky Thompson
One Fine Day (vocal) - Ray Bryant & L. Aziza Miller
One For Honor - Charles Fambrough
One For Peter - David Hazeltine
One Mo' - Bobby Timmons
Only You - Kenny Drew
The Opener - Hank Mobley
Opening Statement - Booker Little
Opus In Chartreuse - Gene Roland
Opus In Turquoise - Gene Roland
Orange Blossoms - Idrees Sulieman
The Orient - Ronnie Mathews
Our Miss Brooks - Harold Vick
Out Of Joe's Bag - Hank Mobley
Outa Sight - Jack Wilson
Outlook - Steve Davis
Over The Brink - Julian Priester & Judy Niemack (vocal)


Passionata - Kenny Drew, Jr.
Passos - Fritz Pauer
Pat 'N Chat - Hank Mobley
Pawn Ticket - Ray Bryant
Pearl - Cecilia Coleman
A Peck A Sec - Hank Mobley
Peckin' Time - Hank Mobley
Pensive - Al Cohn
Pete's Sake - David Hazeltine
Philadelphia Bound - Ray Bryant
Philly Twist - Kenny Dorham
Pierce On Earth - Geoff Keezer
The Plain But The Simple Truth - Lucky Thompson
Please, Let Me Share This With You (vocal) - Dexter Gordon & Rachel Gould
Pleasure Bent - Roland Alexander
Politely - Bill Hardman
Posie - Cecilia Coleman
Pre Amp - Art Farmer
Pretty Memory - Bobby Timmons
Prey-Loot - Lucky Thompson
Prince Albert - Kenny Dorham


Quiet Fire - Donald Brown


Rainbow Over Harlem - Jon Burr
Rainbow Over Harlem (vocal) - Jon Burr
Rat Race Blues - Gigi Gryce
Reflection - Ray Bryant
Reflections In Blue - James Williams
Renaissance Lovers - James Williams
Renee - Matthew Gee
Reveling In The Beat (vocal) - Gloria Cooper & Ira Gitler
Riff Raff - Grachan Moncur III
Ripples - Eddie Bert
Roll On - Elmo Hope


Salute To Birdland - Gigi Gryce
Salute To Charile Parker - Jimmy Hamilton
Same To You - Johnny Griffin
Sandu - Clifford Brown
Sans Souci - Gigi Gryce
Sao Paulo - Kenny Dorham
Scorpio Rising - Walter Davis, Jr.
Scotch Thing - Grant Stewart
Sea Breeze (vocal) - Jon Burr
Serial Blues - Kenny Drew, Jr.
Sevens - Roland Alexander
Seventh Avenue - Victor Lewis
Shabozz - Gigi Gryce
A Shot Of Blues Juice (vocal) - Norman Simmons & Judy Niemack
Sister Salvation - Slide Hampton
Slightly Dizzy - Chuck Wayne
Slumberettes - Norman Simmons
Smokin' - Hank Mobley
Smokin' O.P.'s - Jon Burr
So, Samba! - Freddie Redd
So Tired - Bobby Timmons
So Very Glad (vocal) - Rachel Gould
Social Call - Gigi Gryce
Social Call (vocal) - Gigi Gryce & Jon Hendricks
Sock - Gene Ammons
Soft Shoulder - Lonnie Hillyer
Solitude - Meade Lux Lewis
A Something In A Summer's Day (vocal) - Kirk Nurock & Emily Dickinson
Something In B-flat - Ray Bryant
Something Unusual (vocal) - Sergio Mihanovich
Song For Justine - Steve Nelson
Song From Within - Michael Cochrane
Sonny's Crib - Sonny Clark
Sonny's Tune - Sonny Stitt
Soul Station - Hank Mobley
Soul Time - Bobby Timmons
Sound Within An Empty Room - Fritz Pauer
Soy Califa - Dexter Gordon
Speedster - Eddie Bert
Split Feelin's - Hank Mobley
Splittin' - Ray Bryant
Stairway To The Steinway - Freddie Redd
Stars Over Marrakesh - Elmo Hope
Steppin' Out - Harold Vick
Stiffed - Norman Simmons
Straight Ahead - Kenny Dorham
Straight Ahead - Gigi Gryce
Straight Ahead - Hank Mobley
Stretchin' Out - Hank Mobley
Stupendous-Lee - Gigi Gryce
Sunset - Kenny Drew
Surgery - Denzil Best
Sweet Clifford - Clifford Brown
Sweet Sucker - Johnny Griffin
Swingin' - Clifford Brown
Swinging My Life Away (vocal) - Ray Bryant & Tina May


Take Care - Valery Ponomarev
Talk To Me (vocal) - Ray Bryant & Tina May
Tastin' The Jug - Gene Ammons
Tears - Rob Bargad
Tell Me Why - Wayne Escoffery
Terra Firma Irma - Joe Gordon
Terrain - Harold Land
The Thang - Ronnie Mathews
T.H.E. Blues - Steve Davis
Thelma's Heart - Bill Pierce
Theme For Doris - Tina Brooks
Third Phase - Kenny Drew, Jr.
Third Time Around - Hank Mobley
This I Dig Of You - Hank Mobley
Three For The Festival - Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Three For Two - Jeanfrancois Prins
Three Way Split - Hank Mobley
A Touching Affair - James Williams
Transfiguration - Gigi Gryce
Transition Blues - Hank Mobley
Trimmed In Blue - Harold Vick
Try As I May - Meredith d'Ambrosio
The Turnaround - Hank Mobley
Two Reflect As One (vocal) - Michael Cochrane & Cheryl Pyle
Two Sides Of A Penny - Cecilia Coleman


Uh Huh - Hank Mobley
Una Mas - Kenny Dorham
Under The Surface - Julian Priester
Up A Step - Hank Mobley
Up In Betty's Room - Don Patterson & Billy James
Up Tight's Creek - Tina Brooks
Ursula - Harold Land


Valse Robin - Dexter Gordon
Vaun-Ex - Elmo Hope
Vicksville - Harold Vick


The Waiting Game - Tina Brooks
Waltz For Claire - J.R. Monterose
Waltz No. 1 - Michael Cochrane
Waltz Of The Demons - Booker Little
Waltzin' In - Freddie Redd
White Gardenia - Johnny Griffin
Why Not? - Johnny Griffin
Will There Really Be A Morning? (vocal) - Kirk Nurock & Emily Dickinson
Willow Tree - Richard Wyands
With You (vocal) - Idrees Sulieman & Judy Niemack
Without You (vocal) - Renee Rosnes & Shelley Brown
Workout - Hank Mobley
Wow! - Matthew Gee


You (vocal) - Bob Brookmeyer & Judy Niemack
You Never Leave My Mind (vocal) - James Williams & Marc Ostrow
Yvette - Gigi Gryce