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Minority - Gigi Gryce

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Gigi Gryce
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Concert key: F minor
Style: Medium up swing [Latin intro and ending]

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Recording Information: Recorded on May 20, 1954, and first released on "Blakey" (EmArcy MG 26030).

  • Trumpet - Joe Gordon [solo available]
  • Alto Sax - Gigi Gryce [solo available]
  • Piano - Walter Bishop, Jr.
  • Bass - Bernie Griggs
  • Drums - Art Blakey

Description: Minority is definitely a Gigi Gryce "jazz standard." It's been recorded many times by many different artists. Our audio excerpt starts with the melody, but Gigi's arrangement (and the recording) starts with a Latin intro and ends with a Latin coda. Both are notated in the lead sheets. This is a 2-part front line arrangement. Therefore, in addition to melody lead sheets, second parts are available separately as indicated.

Historical Notes: Gigi first recorded Minority with Clifford Brown in Paris (October 8, 1953). Then he recorded it with Art Blakey on the recording featured here. Gigi recorded it once more on his "The Hap'nin's" album for Prestige (May 3, 1960). There are over 40 more recordings by other artists. Learn more about Gigi Gryce: Rat Race Blues - The Musical Life of Gigi Gryce (a book by Noal Cohen & Michael Fitzgerald). See description.

Two more great Gryce titles from the "Blakey" recording are also available: Hello and Salute To Birdland.

Transcribed solos: This Gigi Gryce classic is worthy of special attention, as are the soloists. Gigi Gryce and Joe Gordon have different approaches to this great composition: compare how the two different soloists navigate the changes. There are concert editions of both solos; a B-flat edition is also available for Gigi's alto sax solo, so trumpet players, for example, can also get inside the mind of the saxophonist.

Listen to a clip of each: