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And Time Marches On - Freddie Redd

And Time Marches On
Freddie Redd
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Concert key: C minor
Style: Medium swing

Recording Information: Recorded in July, 1991, and released on "Freddie Redd And His International Jazz Connection" (Fairplay 1).

  • Trumpet - Maffy Falay
  • Tenor Sax - Kristerr Andersson & Bernt Rosengren
  • Piano - Freddie Redd
  • Guitar - Anders Ullberg
  • Bass - Torbjorm Hulcrantz
  • Drums - Gilbert Matthews & Bengt Stark

Description: A great descriptive title: the triplet-based melodic line with punctuating accented offbeats helps propel the walking bass line in this 24-measure ABA form. The two-measure repeating pattern that starts each section leads to a two-measure "blues march" pattern into the B section and relaxes into a two-measure half-note pulse going into C.

Freddie is a master of infectious melody writing. Both you and your audience are guaranteed to be humming this one long after you've played it.

In a recording situation, it's perfect for a fade out. On Freddie's live recorded version, he uses the optional ending that we've indicated on the lead sheets. Our audio excerpt starts with the melody. The bass line under the melody is used as the intro, as indicated on our lead sheets.

Historical Notes: This composition was first recorded on a still- unissued 1985 Freddie Redd trio recording. Freddie next recorded it in 1990 on his now out-of-print "Everybody Loves A Winner" album for Milestone Records before recording it a year later in Sweden.

Freddie's first recording date was in 1950 with Tiny Grimes. He was on many sessions in the 1950s and early 1960s and has recorded several session each decade since. He is a marvelous composer, and, in 2013, is still playing and composing. This is the first of many of his lead sheets that we'll be making available on jazzleadsheets. A septet arrangement of his Had Tadd In Mind is available from Second Floor Music.