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Jo-B - Bill Hardman

Bill Hardman
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Concert key: F-minor
Style: Medium Latin

Purchase Recording Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Reflections of Buhaina - Jo B.

Recording Information: Recorded on October 18, 1961, and first released on "Bill Hardman Quintet" (Savoy MG 12170)

  • Trumpet - Bill Hardman
  • Alto Sax - Sonny Red
  • Piano - Ronnie Mathews
  • Bass - Doug Watkins
  • Drums - Jimmy Cobb

Description: Our audio excerpt starts with the A section melody played by the horns. The eight measure rhythm section line that accompanies the A section melody is also used as the intro for the recorded arrangement. First, the rhythm section plays the line alone. On the repeat, the horns are added in a new rhythm pattern. The recorded arrangement ends in reverse.

Historical Notes: This was Bill Hardman's first recording as a leader. In iTunes, you'll see that the track for sale lists Art Blakey as the leader - no doubt a marketing decision, since Bill played with Blakey and Blakey's name is more well-known. Hardman had been in demand as a recording sideman since his first date with Jackie McLean in August of 1956. Both then became the front line for Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, making several recordings. Johnny Griffin was added to the front line, and he stayed with Bill in the Messengers when Jackie McLean left in May 1957. Bill returned to the trumpet/alto sax front line format in 1960, when he started a long relationship working and recording with Lou Donaldson. Bill obviously liked the trumpet/alto sax combination and invited Sonny Red to join him for this session. Bill had recorded previously with Doug Watkins on "Jackie McLean & Co.," February 8, 1957, but hadn't recorded with any of the other members of this ensemble prior to this date.